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Caddick Family

Tons of laughing was had at the Caddick family session. I went to school with Steph (the other Steph in highschool;)) so I was excited to see her and her family. It’s been a few years since I had seen her and she is just like I remember full of smiles and positivity. I love how much she giggled everytime her hubby Rich came close and snuggled her, also High School sweethearts or I think Junior High sweethearts even. We met up at the river and had such nice weather. Loved getting to shoot their kids and have fun with them. More sessions like this please:)

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Hebner Family

Bunch a trooper these guys are. Why you ask? It was so freaken cold, like seriously chilly. We had to warm up inside in the middle of the session. I love that the Hebner family was all smiles the whole time minus little miss, ha. Which was fine cause her pouty face is pretty darn cute.

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