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Dana + Kenya Engagement // University

These two babes are getting hitched this summer and I can’t wait. I immediately clicked with Dana and Kenya when I met them at a tea shop. We were both very bummed to learn I was booked already when they had decided on a date but as lady luck intervened we were able to pick a new date. High fives all around!! We headed to the University where they first met for their engagement session.

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Jordan + Holly Engagement // The Whitewood Barn

Yay my brother is getting married to the sweetest strongest woman. We had talked for a while about doing their engagement session but couldn’t seem to find the time to do it. Jordan is a very successful wedding DJ in the Edmonton area and Holly is extremely busy in the GBS world and they both have other day jobs as well. So we finally found a date that worked for us all, now it happened to be the coldest fall evening that week. But they were troopers and manged to stay warm snuggling and laughing. We got to go the Whitewood Barn outside of Edmonton and it is so stunning, if your thinking of getting married check this place out, they book up fast. I had so much fun getting to this and see my brother so happy.

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Kim + Tyler Engagement // Lake Abraham

Oh Lake Abraham you do not disappoint. We decided to take a drive for Kim and Tylers engagement session. They love the mountains so off we went. These two lovebird were so sweet and even brought some fireball to stay warm, ha. I like that thought process. Also their dog Bailey is a bit like wheres waldo in these shots. She is in there somewhere.

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